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My boy hurley

on Thursday November 3rd 2022, i lost my best friend. it wasnt a surprise, it was expected, but it hurt nonetheless very much. he had dementia, and was suffering  to a large degree. this was not a human friend, but a canine one. the day we got him was bright and sunny and i was in the tenth grade. my mom and i drove almost three hours and i was wearing my favourite white Versace jeans. we picked him up at the litter, and swept him away from everything he knew and brought him home. on the way, he peed on my favourite jeans and definitely ruined them, the first of many clothing based casualties i assure you. he fit in the palm of my hand that first day. and we became fast friends. The first night i remember him howling and crying endlessly. he finally stopped when my mom took him to bed with her. and that started one of our favourite things about him. his snuggling. whether you were happy or sad, angry or just exhausted, he was always willing to snuggle up under the blankets with you and warm you up. there were times when i absolutely wanted to kill him. he escaped many times and proved to be quite adept at running and fast, (he once outran a husky). but his speed and agility were not his best qualities. it was his heart. Hurley (i named him after the character on lost named Hugo, because everyone loved that character) was more than a dog. he was the shoulder i cried on when i had noone else. we spent countless nights together, cuddled up watching TV, going for walks, and getting into mischief. what i loved most about him is that he was always there for me, no matter what. so i would like to take the time and the honour to say goodbye in the most loving, kind way I can think of. for the kindest earth angel Ive ever known.

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