Sacred geometry and it’s role in crystal formations

Sacred geometry and it’s role in crystal formations

The way in which quartz crystals are formed is dictated by the same laws that govern the formation of sacred geometry 

1. Introduction

Crystals are formed when a substance is in a liquid state and then cooled rapidly. This rapid cooling causes the molecules to freeze in place and form a crystalline structure. The crystal structure is a repeating pattern of molecules that are arranged in a three-dimensional space.
The Study of the formation of crystals is called crystallography. And the study of the repeating patterns of molecules in a three-dimensional space is called sacred geometry.
Sacred geometry is the study of the patterns that are found in nature. These patterns are found in the structure of crystals, in the arrangement of leaves on a plant, in the pattern of a spiral shell, and in many other places.
The patterns of sacred geometry are a representation of the Divine Order of the Universe. They are a way of understanding the relationships between the physical world and the spiritual world.
The patterns of sacred geometry can be used to understand the relationships between the physical world and the spiritual world. They can also be used to create sacred space, to connect with the Divine, and to bring harmony and balance into our lives.

2. What are crystals?

Crystals are formed when a liquid substance is cooled rapidly, resulting in the molecules freezing in place and forming a distinct crystalline structure. Crystals are made up of repeating patterns of molecules in a three-dimensional space.
Crystals tend to grow in geometric patterns, and their patterns range from Cubist, Cuboctahedral, Hexagonal, Trigonal, Monoclinic, Tetragonal, Rhombohedral, Orthorhombic, and Triclinic. The type of crystal that forms is determined by the type of matter that it is created from.
Crystals can also be made synthetically, by combining two different types of matter together and then cooling it very quickly. These synthetic crystals will take on a wide variety of shapes, depending on the combination of molecules.
Crystals are used for many different reasons. In the metaphysical world, crystals are often used for healing and meditation. In science and technology, crystals are used for their unique physical properties, such as their ability to conduct electricity, or their ability to store memories. In jewelry, crystals are used to give a beautiful and unique look to rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

3. The formation of crystals

Crystals are formed in various shapes and sizes when molecules vibrate as they cool. This is due to the molecules in the substance forming patterns that are influenced by the vibration of the solar system. This vibration produces forms of matter that become stabilized, crystallized and eventually form elements that reflect the formation of crystals, due to the energy moving through them.
Crystals not only form interesting shapes, but also create special patterns that are known as Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a spiritual geometry of patterns created throughout the universe that are seen as forms of divinity. These patterns include the Flower of Life, the Hexagonal Star, the Seed of Life and others, with the aim of connecting humanity to a higher power.
Crystals are used by many people as a tool to balance their mind, body and spirit. As crystals occur in nature, they often hold the power of the Earth and offer strong gems of healing and protection to the person carrying them. Combined with the power of sacred geometry, crystals are often used to manifest desires and intentions - creating powerful visual programming to create our reality.

4. Crystal growth

The growth of crystals is an intriguing process that is partially due to the application of sacred geometry. Crystals grow and form when molecules vibrate as they reach equilibrium temperatures. As the vibrations influence the molecules, various shapes are formed. These shapes, known as crystalline lattices, come together to create crystalline formations that display patterns of sacred geometry.
Crystals grow and expand most effectively in a calm, peaceful environment. This conducive atmosphere for growth encourages the molecules, as well as the patterns of sacred geometry, to stay in place.
The growth of crystals is also aided by the frequency of the environment. This frequency can be created by singing bowls, tuning forks, or even chanting out loud. It is believed that certain frequencies support crystal growth and the vibration of these frequencies induces a powerful wave of energy that follows the crystal growth.
The power of crystals has fascinated many cultures, who have used them in their healing therapies over the centuries. With newer technologies such as modern visualization techniques, scientists have been able to observe the formation of crystals in more depth, unraveling their secrets and discovering their potential applications in today’s world.

5. Crystallization

Crystallization is the process of atoms and molecules coming together to form a solid crystal lattice. This crystal lattice is formed by repetitive and consistent patterns, reflecting strong order and symmetry.
Crystallization usually occurs when the saturation point is reached, and this can be achieved by cooling a liquid below its melting point, or when molecules reach a critical concentration. The process usually involves the incorporation of additives, such as surfactants, that cause the molecules to repel each other and encourage growth of the lattice as the liquid cools.
The addition of sacred geometry helps to enhance this process as it adds additional layers to the crystallization process. The use of geometric objects and shapes helps to bring about a better alignment of molecules, promoting a faster and more efficient crystallization process.
Advanced crystallization techniques, such as the use of Czochralski technique, can encourage the formation of crystals of different sizes. The Czochralski technique helps to promote the formation of small single crystals, as well as large crystals that are ideal for creating jewelry or for other uses.
The formation of larger crystals has been credited to the application of sacred geometry. It is believed that when sacred geometry is used in the formation of crystals, it can promote the alignment and crystallization of molecules.

6. Sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is the use of geometric shapes and objects to bring out the natural order and beauty within. It is a form of art which emphasizes the elements of sacredness, or the hierarchical relationship of all life forms, within a given universe.
Sacred geometry is thought to be a spiritual process, involving long-term meditation, visualization, and healing. As each object is focused on and de-focused on, the energy of sacred geometry is brought into the crystallization process.
Sacred geometry shapes are important tools in spiritual work and have been used historically by mathematicians, physicists, healers, and spiritual practitioners. It is believed that the process has the potential to alter the chemical, physical and energetic aspects of the crystallization process.
There has been some research to indicate that using sacred geometry in the process of crystallization can produce crystals with enhanced properties, such as stronger energy fields and less porosity. The use of these objects and shapes can also help to introduce new levels of complexity to the crystal formation process.
It has also been suggested that the use of sacred geometry in crystallization can help to create crystals with properties that mimic that of raw, natural crystals. This is due to the potential of sacred geometry to affect the alignment and orientation of the molecules within the crystal lattice.

7. TheImportance of Crystals

Crystals have been a source of fascination for humans for thousands of years. They have been used for healing, adornment and spiritual purposes for centuries, and their use shows no signs of slowing down.
However, it is equally important to understand and appreciate the importance of the process behind the creation of crystals- and the approach of including sacred geometry to better understand their formation.
Crystals are formed through cultural and geophysical processes and incorporating sacred geometry can stabilise their formation and promote desired qualities such as increased crystallinity, higher clarity and fewer impurities. Likewise, crystals grown with the influence of sacred geometry can experience enhancements in their energetics, making them more powerful conduits for transmitting and amplifying energy vibrations.
Crystallization is a powerful and spiritual process; by bringing in sacred geometry, the potential of crystals to elevate energetic fields and bring order to chaos is amplified. Allowing sacred geometry to be part of the equation not only gives us the potential of manifesting crystals with enhanced properties, but it also indicates that we still have much to unearth when it comes to understanding the impact of this ancient science.
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