Crystal toxicity; Don’t you put it in your mouth!

The following crystals are toxic when it comes to human consumption, we do not recommend combining any of the following with water or ingesting in any way. As the compounds will break down and get into your body, causing potential illness. 

Actinolite - May contain asbestos, not recommended for elixirs
Adamite - Contains arsenic and some copper
Ajoite - Contains aluminum and copper
Alexandrite - Contains aluminum
Amazonite - Contains copper
Aquamarine - Contains aluminum
Atacamite - Contains copper
Auricalcite - Contains zinc and copper
Azurite - Contains copper
Beryl Group
Black Tourmaline - Contains aluminum
Boji-stones (aka Moqui Balls,
Bronchantite - Contains copper
Bumblebee Jasper - Contains arsenic
Cavansite - Contains copper
Celestite - Contains strontium
Chalcantite - Contains copper
Chalcopyrite (peacock stone) - Contains copper and Sulphur
Chrysocolla - Contains copper
Cinnabar - Contains mercury
Conicalcite - Contains copper and aluminum
Copper - Poisonous
Covellite - Contains copper and sulphur
Cuprite - Contains copper
Dioptase - Contains copper
Dumortierite - Contains aluminum
Emerald - Contains aluminum
Fluorite - Contains fluorine
Galena - Contains lead
Garnet (Spessartine, Almandine, Uvarovite, Rhodolite,Hessonite) - Contains aluminum
Garnierite (aka Falcondoite) - Contains nickel
Gem Silica - Contains copper
Hematite - Will rust, but not toxic
Iolite - Contains aluminum
Kunzite - Contains aluminum
Labradorite - Contains aluminum
Lapis Lazuli - Contains pyrite
Lepidolite - Contains aluminum
Magnetite - Will rust, but not toxic
Malachite - Contains copper
Markasite - Contains sulphur
Mohawkite - Contains copper and Arsenic
Moldavite - Contains aluminum oxide
Moonstone - Contains aluminum
Morganite - Contains aluminum
Pietersite - Fibrous form contains asbestos
Prehnite - Contains aluminum
Psiomelan - Contains barium
Pyrite - Contains sulphur
Realgar - Contains sulphur and arsenic
Ruby - Contains aluminum
Sapphire - Contains aluminum
Selenite - Although not toxic, friable; tiny shards may break off in water
Serpentine - Fibrous form contains asbestos
Shaman Stone (star stone) - Contains some sulphur, pyrite and/or marcasite
Smithsonite - May contain copper
Sodalite - Contains aluminum (but safe as a tumble)
Spinel - Contains aluminum
Spodumene (also known as Kunzite) - Contains aluminum
Staurolite - Contains aluminum
Stibnite - Contains lead and antimony
Stilbite - Contains aluminum
Sugilite - Contains aluminum
Sulfur - Poisonous
Sunstone - Contains aluminum
Tanzanite (gem variety of Zoisite) - Contains aluminum
Tiger Eye - Fibrous form contains asbestos
Topaz - Contains aluminum
Torbenite - Radioactive
Tourmaline - Contains aluminum
Tremolite - May contain asbestos
Turquoise - Contains copper and aluminum
Vanadinite - Contains vanadium
Variscite - Contains aluminum
Vesuvianite - Contains aluminum
Wavellite - Contains aluminum
Wulfenite - Contains lead and molybdenum
Zircon - Contains zirconium (radioactive)
Zoisite - Contains aluminum

This list is not exhaustive! And there are others as well. But please do not use any of the above in such a way that it will absorb into your body. We are not responsible for any actions contrary to this advice, or the consequences of such actions under any circumstances!