The history of our company lies in the story of our owner, John D.M. Kennedy. Since he was as young as six, he had contact with spirits ( and not always pleasant contact, ask him about the top hat man). In addition to being an empath, these abilities became difficult to ignore as he got older, so he decided to combine his passion for helping people with a unique skill offering. Combined with the events of the last few years, an idea was born, and in that idea, was moreLOVEmoreKindness. Our metaphysical store is not just a shop. It’s a safe space for anyone and everyone. A place where you can hear and be heard, without any judgement. We truly, genuinely care what you have to say, and honor every single persons unique journey. So whether it’s one of our metaphysical services (reiki, healing, crystal work, tarot or many more) or some of our products you are looking for ( crystals, incense, spirit animals) Whatever it is that brings you to our doors, welcome. We’ve been waiting for you.