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Electro Culture Antenna

Electro Culture Antenna

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This methodology was invented by a man named Justin christofleau in modern times and has been refined many times over. This is suppressed knowledge, because it will put the pesticide/insecticide/disease control industries under. Up to 200% increase in yield, 33% larger and more plentiful flowers, and many many other amazing effects. Try it today, you will not be disappointed by your results. Works by restoring magnetism the soil is robbed of by modern construction, agriculture, etc. with magnetized soil, you will attract more insects and birds and wildlife. (For the antenna to work optimally, it is recommended you are working in soil that has been as best as possible made devoid of any iron, brass zinc etc. the only metal that should be going in your soil is copper. Even copper gardening tools are preferred, but not mandatory for results) 

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