stone of the month: turquoise

stone of the month: turquoise

Turquoise, perhaps the oldest known stone in human history, is the talisman for kings, warriors and shamans. It is a stone that protects, opaque and strong, but also soothing and healing to the eyes. Turquoise is a unique blue-green shade that lends itself to everything of this serene hue. Stone's natural character is enhanced by the delicate veining and mottled webbing in brown or cream.

Turquoise's name is derived form pierre turquoise in French. This refers to the Turkish stone that was brought to Europe by trade routes. Venetian merchants frequently purchased Turquoise in Turkish bazaars. [Simmons, 419]

Turquoise, a symbol for wisdom, nobility, and immortality, has been treasured across all cultures for thousands of years. Turquoise was sacred to power, luck and protection. It was used for adornment by the Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Chinese, Aztecs, Incas of South America and Native North Americans.

Turquoise beads date back to 5000 B.C. They were found in Iraq and 3200 B.C., the Egyptians had begun mining the stones in Sinai. [Simmons 419] The Turquoise was used to stud the death mask of Tutankhamun, and the mosaic masks dedicated the gods, including the amazing inlaid skulls shields and power statues of Moctezuma (the last Aztec ruler). [Eason, 239]

Native Americans have been mining Turquoise for nearly 1000 years and using it to protect their burial grounds. They have been found all over the world, from Argentina to New Mexico. [Simmons 419] Indian priests wore the gem in ceremonies calling upon the great spirit. Turquoise was considered the universal stone by many, who believed their minds would be one with the universe if they wore it. Its ability to change colors made it useful in divining and prophesy. Turquoise was worn on the body and used in ceremonies by the prehistoric Indians to signify the god of heaven alive on earth.

Urquoise is a strong stone that can be used to combat fatigue, depression, and panic attacks. It improves the physical and psychic immune system, as well as supporting the assimilation and elimination of pollutants and viruses. It is anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and reduces excess acidity, which can benefit gout, arthritis, and the stomach. [Hall, 306][Gienger, 89]

Turquoise is helpful in problems of the brain and eyes, ears and neck, as well as problems with balance. [Eason, 239]

Turquoise aids in the healing of allergies and lung diseases. Turquoise necklaces can help prevent tracheitis, bronchial attacks, and other problems. This stone can heal breath problems such as stammering and may also be used to treat speech disorders like stammering.

Turquoise enhances communication between the spiritual and physical worlds by strengthening the meridians and subtle energy fields. It is placed on the Third Eye and supports meditation and intuition. It is located on the Throatchakra and helps the soul express itself again. It examines the past and considers fate ongoing and dependent on one's actions at any given moment. [Hall, 306]

Turquoise can be used to find wholeness, truth, and communicate and manifest those qualities. It harmonizes and stimulates the Throat Chakra. This makes it easier to express and draw forth your deepest wisdom. Turquoise helps those who are shy to share their knowledge and assists in the realization that each person has something to offer the collective.

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