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wands!: a brief overview

the modern Wiccan wand, used as a conduit for power, probably evolved from ceremonial staffs often used by kings and high religious officials. for ancient officials , the staff or wand was an overt symbol of power, authority , and most of all rank. examples include the rod of Moses to the sceptre held by a king or queen. 

the modern usage is mostly for chanelling power and energy, however wands are also used by a wide variety of peoples and cultures for a variety of reasons, and all of them are equally acceptable. these reasons include , spellwork, religious ceremonial use, tribal use, and amongst Wiccan practitioners. Cedar wood is a particularly strong base for any wand, as its strength is unyielding.

Cedar wands are popular in Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Cyprus, Pakistan, and Turkey. Golden hued, these wands choose people with heroic spirits and loyal hearts. An equal number of extroverts and introverts are chosen by cedar wand– what matters more to the wand is whether the person is willing to stand up not just for others but for themselves as well. Those who refuse to compromise their integrity, even when confronted by family or friends

Their righteousness can turn into persecution, under the right circumstances and wrong influences. Always a  frightening adversary when provoked, they fight with their all and then some for good measure. Odds mean nothing to them, and they will try in the face of outright failure. As many cedar owners possess the gift of prophecy, it is common for them to fight the fate they’ve seen. They believe their choices can make a difference, and this gives them strength.

This wand wood is elementally balanced with air, earth, water, and fire as its main elements.

There is talent with prophecy (especially dreams and dream visions), healing (aromatherapy), combustion, and magic to do with purification.

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