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More LOVE more Kindness Metaphysical rose from a need for more of both in the world. If you smile at a stranger on the street, studies show they will without thinking, automatically smile back. Assuming that principal, if we all took the time to smile at just one person, think about how much better a place the world would be.

At MLMK, we strive to do that everyday with every encounter. Each one brings us closer to the kind of planet we all deserve to inhabit. Which is one of compassion, love, kindness, and understanding. These are the strongest weapons we have against corruption, apathy, injustice and intolerance. Instead of letting current events get you down, join us in making the world smile just a little bit more. Every single individual who does so is contributing to a better earth. Choose your path, live your journey, honor your truth.




Business hours and Holidays list 2022/2023

Monday- 1-9pm 

Tuesday- 1-9 pm

Wednesday- 1-9pm

Thursday- 1-9pm

Friday- 1-9pm

Saturday- 9am-9pm

Sunday- 1-5 pm  


Christmas eve/day 2022 Dec 24/25th CLOSED

New Year’s Eve 2022 Dec 31st CLOSED 

New Year’s Day Jan 1st CLOSED

Valentines Day 2023 CLOSED 

Family day 2023  CLOSED

St Patrick’s Day 2023 CLOSED